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Employee Referral Bonus Program Policy and Procedure


Intersect Group IT Inc believes an effective way of increasing the success of hiring and retaining good people can fall in the hands of its own employees. The company encourages employees to refer friends, colleagues, and people you previously worked with for job vacancies. To reward employees for referring qualified candidates who subsequently are hired, Intersect Group IT Inc pays the referring employee a cash bonus of $1000 for each successful referral made in accordance with the following general provisions.


Referral Program Procedure : The referring employee must forward the qualified candidate's resume to his/her hiring manager for consideration. If the candidate's qualification meets the requirements of the open position, the hiring manager will contact the candidate and conduct a brief phone interview. If the candidate successfully passes the phone interview, a physical interview is scheduled. At this point the referring employee must complete an Employee Referral Form and submit it to the Human Resources Department.


Referral Bonus Payment Procedure : Employees who refer a qualified candidate who subsequently is hired and remains employed for at least six months are eligible for a referral bonus payment of $1000. This bonus is paid in two installments; (1) a cash payment of $500 after the new hire completes six months of employment; and (2) a second cash payment of $500 after the new hire completes twelve months of employment. All bonuses paid under this program are subject to tax withholding.


Referral Bonus Eligibility Criteria : No referral bonuses are paid for referrals of candidates who are rehires or persons returning from a leave of absence. To be eligible for either of the two-bonus payments described above, the referring employee must still be in the company's payroll at the specified dates. Additionally, to avoid possible conflicts of interest, referral bonuses are not paid for job candidates referred by management officials or employees working in the Human Resources Department. Any appropriate conduct related to this program will cause Intersect Group IT Inc to deny bonus payments.


Enforcement Responsibility : In accordance with the job-posting program, all open which employees can refer qualified candidates are posted in the lunchroom and at other designated locations and maintained by the Human Resources Department. The Department also is responsible for administering the employee referral program, including processing all referral forms and bonus applications and resolving any disputes.


Positions for which we are currently actively seeking qualified candidates :

    Intersect Group IT, Inc. has multiple openings for the following positions in Overland Park, KS and various unanticipated locations throughout the US:

  • Software Engineer (Job Code SE) – design, develop, implement, test & maintain applications software.
  • Systems Administrator (Job Code SA) – install, configure, analyze & support systems hardware and/or software, including networking, storage & system integration.
  • Test Engineer (Job Code TE) – develop test plans & test strategies & conduct manual & automation testing of applications software.
  • Sr. QA Analyst (Job Code SQA) – responsible for quality assurance analysis & testing of critical business applications; responsible for the development of software QA standards.

Travel and/or relocation required for all positions.

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