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Intersect Group IT
Intersect Group IT

Business Intelligence Services

Intersect Group IT Inc Business Intelligence (BI) solutions improve the client's ability to manage and reuse enterprise information, driving quick and effective decision-making. This essential expertise is particularly beneficial for organizations that require a cohesive data structure.

Intersect Group IT Inc helps clients assess their information structure, identify the gaps and address those gaps with new value generating capabilities. We bring over 40 man-years of proven BI experience to help clients gain real bottom-line results with our mature business insights and specialized technical skills.

Our collaborative approach allows for an effective SLA-driven solution framework that is built on a solid foundation of industry best practices and a thorough understanding of the BI space. From scorecards, reporting, dashboards and multi-device publishing, we bring comprehensive expertise in providing the right information at the right time for the right decision-making capability.

Our BI services help client's exploit the full potential of enterprise data, underpinning the client's ability to react promptly to market changes and make quick decisions.

Our turnkey solutions encompass:
  • Executive dashboards
  • BI Strategy & Management
  • Data Integration and Warehousing
  • Performance Management and Analytics
  • Information Strategy and Governance
  • Information Quality Management